About Learn English with Rezaul

Learn English with Rezaul is for English learners who are in school, college, and university. It is also ideal for those who want to brush up on their English. I understand how students learn English and what’s the secret. Nonnative English learners fear English. What is the fact is that learning English is not really that much harder for non-native learners, though. There are two things that may work well for you in improving your English:
  • Keep a notebook where you can write everything that you learn, including word meaning and its uses.
  • Work with someone who understands English grammar.
The fact of the matter is that learning English is to understand the logic of grammar. What you learn, write in a notebook, and use them in your writing and speaking whenever you can. In the classes, I taught and I urged everyone to write to speak as much as possible. It’s a simple method, but it works. You can do it, too! Write and speak as much as possible.
Another important thing is that you should not be afraid of making mistakes because if you are hesitant about writing or speaking because you don’t want to make mistakes, your ability of speaking and writing will never improve. We all learn through mistakes.  To date, I make mistakes for which I have been learning through teaching you by Learn English with Rezaul. Come and join me to learn with me.


If you feel the need of reaching out to me, you can use my WhatsApp number, which is: +8801715138716. You can also shoot me a mail using the id: [email protected]
I welcome you all to contact me and thereby learn from each other what we did not know before.